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Our Chairs & Cushions

The Yogi Hammock Chair
The idea for the Yogi Hammock Chair came about when one spring night I decided to sleep in my backyard hammock.  In the morning, instead of heading up to my meditation room for my morning meditation, I decided to try meditating right in the hammock.   One hour later I was coming out of one of the deepest meditation states I had ever experienced.  
I had stumbled onto a new understanding about meditation, focus and bio-rhythms.  The act of balancing oneself is another subconscious instinctual act that we take for granted, and it can provide another focus point for meditation, in addition to a focus on breath and other bio-rythyms.    
But outdoor meditation is only possible in good weather, and bringing a full-size hammock indoors is not practical.  So I set about to shrink the hammock to a size that was small enough to fit in any room, light enough to be portable and still provide the essential hammock floating experience.  
After two years, four separate prototypes and hundreds of hours of meditation, the Yogi Hammock Chair was born.  It is an exciting new design in meditation chairs. 
  In addition to the focus on balance, the free-floating hammock design naturally adjusts its seat angle as the occupant moves their weight forward or back.  It is the only meditation chair on the market
that provides the feeling of flotation and is much more comfortable than a bench.  
        Each Yogi Hammock Chair is hand crafted in America of hardwood with a 100% cotton seat.  (Patent Pending)

The Cozy Yogi & Crazy Yogi
On the first day of a 10 day Vipassana meditation course, everyone started with 1 or 2 cushions to make themselves comfortable but were using 4 to 6 by the 10th day.  So I returned home determined to design a universal cushion that was long enough to support the entire lower body and flexible enough to let everyone move the comfort where they needed it.  The goal was to be able to sit for hours or days and remain comfortable. 
The result was the Cozy Yogi and the Crazy Yogi, cushions that provides hours of comfortable sitting and flex to support whatever part of the legs or bottom that needs support. 
       The Cozy Yogi supports the buttocks and thighs, while the Crazy Yogi includes calf cushions.  After sitting on the center part of the cushion, move it's arms under the thighs, calves or ankles to support all of your lower extremities.  No more need for 3, 4, or 5 pillows that require constant adjustment.  Just imagine the pleasure of sitting for hours without numb or aching knees, ankles, or feet. 
        The Cozy Yogi and Crazy Yogi are available with either a cotton or ultra-suede shell and are stuffed with standard pea-sized bean bag beads.